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Purchasing and Procurement Resources

Thank you for visiting the Aquiire Resource Center. Click on the tabs below to sort through our white papers, case studies, product information sheets, videos and other resources. Please contact us directly at 513.285.8385 or by email if you have immediate questions or would like to schedule a discovery call.


Aquiire Digital Brochure

Aquiire is the only eProcurement software suite in the world that delivers on the promise of real-time, intelligent procurement shopping. The innovative P2P solution delivers the real-time universal search, alternative supplier pricing, supplier management, business intelligence and purchasing compliance needed to deliver true guided-buying functionality—while delighting users with an intuitive, modern shopping experience.

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VIDEO: Aquiire – Real-Time Universal Shopping Explainer

Do away with stale data, supplier punchouts, catalog management, rogue spending and non-compliant purchasing forever! Whether searching across hundreds of supplier punchout websites or locally-hosted catalogs, Aquiire instantly aggregates all of your price, product and supplier information into an intuitive, consumer-like marketplace.

Guide users to your preferred suppliers and products. Once real-time search results are returned, Aquiire’s flexible system instantly applies your guided-buying rules and presents the results to your users based on your specific business rules. Save millions annually on your indirect spend with Aquiire’s exclusive ability instantly offer lower priced supplier options for the same or similar products at the time of checkout to capture even more savings on your indirect spend. Empower your users to be champions for savings!

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Aquiire - Alternative Supplier Pricing Video Procurement

VIDEO: Unprecedented Savings with Aquiire’s Lower-Cost Supplier Pricing Functionality

The Aquiire procure-to-pay (P2P) suite and the exclusive ability of its B2B e-marketplace to validate supplier pricing in real time, and instantly present shoppers with alternative suppliers offering the same products at lower prices saves our customers millions annually on their indirect spend.

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VIDEO: Aquiire Real-Time eProcurement Overview

A brief overview of the Aquiire Real-Time P2P software functionality. Shopping with Aquiire is simple, fast and intuitive. Stop punching out to suppliers one at a time. Our intelligent, real-time universal search allows users to easily manage and instantly search across all local catalogs and supplier punchout websites without leaving the system. Rid yourself of manual POs and invoices forever. Our fast, automated PO dispatch and e-invoicing allows you to manage all of your supplier connections in their preferred method of communication without manual entry.

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Supplier Rationalization Tips

SPEND MATTERS WHITE PAPER: Five Reasons Supply Base Rationalization Can Be the Enemy of Effective Procurement Spend Management

This free Spend Matters white paper explores how supply base rationalization results in many inefficiencies. To understand why and select the appropriate strategy for your organization, here are five reasons supplier rationalization may lead to missed savings, weaker supplier relationships and more.

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eProcurement Software Reviews

WHITE PAPER: Reshaping Traditional eProcurement To Achieve Extraordinary Savings on Indirect Spend

Indirect procurement costs are often considered insignificant. However, recent studies have found that indirect spend can account for up to 50% of a company’s purchases and manufacturers specifically can spend 20% or more of their total revenue on indirect expenditures. The white paper explores some of the challenges with the traditional eProcurement model and ways leaders can achieve significant untapped savings on indirect spend by reshaping B2B e-commerce and supplier management strategies. The paper provides data-driven case studies with results we hope you will find interesting.

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Real-Time Procurement Software Matters

WHITE PAPER: Top Ten Ways Real-Time eProcurement Software Matters

This white paper explores how a real-time eProcurement software infrastructure immediately advances procurement into the “speed of now” economy and delivers significant and quantifiable savings and results.

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PayStream Advisors 2018 Procurement Insight Report

PayStream Advisors 2018 Procurement and eProcurement Insight Report

This 2018 PayStream Advisors report explores the value of consolidating spend with electronic procurement. The report features insights on the current state of North American procurement,  new views and trends of procurement processes, features of leading electronic procurement (eProcurement) software suites, eProcurement adoption best practices, a leading eProcurement software provider and more. 

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Aquiire is Value Leader in 2017 Spend Matters Solution Map

Spend Matters 2017 eProcurement SolutionMap – Aquiire

Aquiire is recognized as an eProcurement industry “Value Leader” in all five buying persona categories in the Spend Matters 2017 eProcurement Technology SolutionMap. The Value Leader designation is given to eProcurement solution providers that received both strong analyst and customer scores. Spend Matters’ SolutionMap five buying personas reflect different organizational needs tied to the unique value propositions served by eProcurement software providers.

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