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Aquiire Real-Time P2P Solution Overview

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Instant Guided-Buying Control

Guide users to your preferred suppliers and products. Once real-time search results are returned, Aquiire’s flexible system instantly applies your guided-buying rules and presents the results to your users based on your specific business rules. The system can be set to proactively stop non-compliant purchases or flag them for line-item approval.


Flexible Transaction Management

Rid yourself of manual POs and invoices forever. Our fast, automated PO dispatch and e-invoicing allows you to manage all of your supplier connections in their preferred method of communication without manual entry. The system also recognizes bad data and automatically corrects invoice mismatches.


Simple Workflow Approvals and Payments

Approve and pay with a click of a button. Aquiire easily accommodates your organizational purchasing and approval process within a simple dashboard. Our seamless integration with your financial software platform allows the system to easily customize your workflow payment terms with flexible P-card and e-invoice payment options.


Actionable Spend/Savings Analytics

Turn your raw data into actionable intelligence. Spending trends, budget compliance tracking, compliance savings, real-time market pricing comparisons and other critical business data is presented with crisp graphics and detailed charts. A personalized dashboard presents your key performance indicator (KPI) data in the format you need it.


Advanced Supplier Management

Give your chosen vendors the power they need to better engage your organization. Aquiire’s sophisticated, yet simple, supplier portal provides access to maintain real-time buyer/supplier collaboration. Whether maintaining catalogs (API, local, punchout, web OCI, cXML) or managing RFx, POs and e-invoices, your chosen vendors have the ability to manage your relationship from a central platform.

Real-Time Universal Shopping

Why suffer tedious punchouts to supplier websites when you can punch-IN!? Aquiire’s exclusive, patented search technologies provide fast, real-time universal search across all supplier punchout websites. Truly delivering on the promise of real-time, intelligent universal B2B shopping, guided buying and compliance. Watch the video to find out how it works.

Always Find the Lowest Priced Supplier in Real Time

Aquiire’s real-time B2B e-marketplace instantly validates supplier pricing and presents shoppers with alternative suppliers offering the same products at lower prices. Users can easily view and replace their current items, for the lowest-priced options available. Thus, empowering them to be champions for savings at your organization. And our research found, the more suppliers that are brought into a competitive marketplace environment, the greater the savings that can be achieved. Watch the video to learn more.

Exclusive, Real-Time Visual Discovery Tool

Aquiire’s exclusive tool dynamically organizes all of your real-time universal search results into an interactive heat map to quickly find the items you are seeking — in only 1-2 mouse clicks!

Advanced Functionality.
User Simplicity.

We loathe wasting time searching for information we need. So do our customers. That is why we collaborated with them to create a leading-edge P2P solution that provides the most innovative, intuitive and intelligent user experience in the industry. Watch the Aquiire real-time solution video.

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