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Unparalleled Procurement Savings with Aquiire’s Real-Time, Lowest-Priced Supplier Functionality

The Aquiire procure-to-pay software suite incorporates the only B2B e-commerce marketplace that delivers additional procurement savings by utilizing real-time, lower-priced supplier options at checkout.

Aquiire, Inc., a leader in real-time eProcurement and supplier relationship management solutions, today released an animated explainer video promoting the Aquiire procure-to-pay (P2P) suite and the exclusive ability of its B2B e-marketplace to validate supplier pricing in real time, and instantly present shoppers with alternative suppliers offering the same products at lower prices. Aquiire’s real-time, B2B e-commerce platform utilizes patented technologies employing artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver an Amazon-like shopping experience for the B2B shopper.

Click to view the Aquiire Alternative Supplier Pricing Video


When users search for items they are seeking in their organization’s private e-commerce marketplace, Aquiire’s patented real-time search technologies instantly return results from all approved sources, such as punchout web catalogs (e-commerce websites with specific negotiated pricing), hosted catalogs, local inventory, group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and third-party e-commerce sites, into an intuitive, consumer-like shopping experience.

Once a user adds a product into their shopping cart, Aquiire quickly searches through all returned results to see if there are identical or related items available at a lower cost—even items from approved third-party e-commerce sites if their customers choose. Aquiire’s real-time, alternative supplier-pricing functionality lets users easily view and replace their current items for the lowest-priced options available at that time. Thus, empowering them to be champions for savings at their organization.

Aquiire functions as a stand-alone P2P platform or seamlessly integrates with almost any ERP or financial system in a synergistic way that will not interrupt normal business processes. The agile modular design can easily adapt and scale the technology to achieve specific procurement goals and address the ever-changing challenges and complexities of the B2B e-commerce industry. The spend visibility and ROI delivered are unprecedented.

About the Aquiire eProcurement Suite
Aquiire’s intelligent real-time Procure-to-Pay suite brings the convenience and simplicity of the consumer shopping experience to the business user with unparalleled compliance and savings. Aquiire features patented, real-time B2B e-commerce shopping from a single search, advanced machine learning to improve search relevance and spend visibility, and cutting-edge supplier relationship management technologies to automate buyer/seller collaborations. Aquiire’s best-in-class, intuitive user interface and real-time lower-price comparisons from alternative suppliers deliver untapped savings on indirect spend. The patented, real-time processing of structured and unstructured data also powers advanced capabilities like instant alerts, risk analysis, analytics and price/product compliance enforcement.

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